Guild of Scriveners of theCity of York
Guild of Scriveners, Textwriters, Luminers, Noters, Turners and Flourishers of the City of York
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The Guild’s Activities

The Guild operates as a company limited by guarantee. The Court of Assistants is responsible for the day to day operation of the Guild and reports back to members during the year and at the Annual Court meeting. Two sub committees cover Social and Charitable events, and Educational works.

Our aim is to provide education and entertainment for members and for the community of York, and to raise funds for one or two charities which are chosen each year by the new Master. Some of the events we organise are:

Waggon plays: Along with the other Guilds of York we perform one of the medieval mystery plays every four years.  These are conducted on the back of a wagon – hence “waggon”plays. The Scriveners’ play is the Incredulity of Thomas and is the only known copy of a single York play; it can be seen on its original parchment in the City Archives.  The plays were called “ancient” in 1397!

Annual Quiz:  An event which takes place each February, designed to remove the post Christmas gloom and the stresses of January tax returns. We all gain; learning some new facts from the quiz master, enjoying the pie, chips and peas and attempting to remember the answers for next year!

Assize of Ale: In medieval times the Sheriff of York was charged by the King to test the ales being sold and to set a price from time to time.
Each year, at the summons of the Sheriff of York, the Scriveners organise a modern version of the Assize and meet outside the Mansion House to be sworn in as “Serjeants” of the Sheriff, with instructions to test the ale in the participating pubs.  
Street entertainments are organised and at the end of the Assize there is a medieval feast in Bedern Hall.


Programme 2016-17

The Guild year starts at the end of June.

29 June 2016
Annual Court & Installation dinner

3 July 2016
Charter Day Service

1 August 2016
Yorkshire Day Supper

13 August 2016
Assize of Ale

12 September 2016
Court meeting

6 October 2016
Annual Dinner

26 October 2016

12 December 2016
Court meeting

14 December 2016
Joint Guilds’ Carol Service

6 February 2017
Annual Quiz

Further events are being  planned, so revisit this page frequently!

Assize of Ale - find out more