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Guild of Scriveners, Textwriters, Luminers, Noters, Turners and Flourishers of the City of York
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The Assize of Ale

Medieval Assize of Ale

Assize of Ale 2010
Graeme Robertson (Master) with the Sheriff outside the Mansion House

In medieval times the Sheriff of York was charged by the King to test the ales being sold and to set a price from time to time.

Each year, at the summons of the Sheriff of York, the Scriveners organise a modern version of the Assize and meet outside the Mansion House to be sworn in as “Serjeants” of the Sheriff, with instructions to test the ale in the participating pubs.  

Street entertainments are organised and at the end of the Assize there is a medieval feast in Bedern Hall.

Proceeds of the 2013 Assize  being handed over to the Lord Mayor and Sheriff